Pals Dedicated Lifeguards

Hire Dedicated Lifeguards

  1. Have trained lifeguards dedicated to you and your guests throughout your stay at the beach.
  2. Lifeguards provide you and your guests security in/near the water at all times.
  3. Lifeguards will also provide safety to the general public that are very near your hut location.
  4. Lifeguards will inform/guide/educate your guest on beach safety for the area around your hut.
  5. All lifeguards are fully trained in rescue, water safety and CPR in accordance to international standards.
  6. All lifeguards will be fully equipped with rescue tubes and first aid kits.
Package 1 Two dedicated lifeguards 7 days a week Cost: @ Rs. 30,000/Lifeguards – Total 60,000/monthly
Package 2 Two dedicated lifeguards on weekends only (Saturday/Sunday) Cost: @ Rs. 15,000/Lifeguards – Total 30,000/monthly
Package 3 Two dedicated lifeguards (on call basis) Cost: @ Rs. 3,000/Lifeguards – Total 6,000/day