About Us

Pakistan Life Saving (PALS) is Pakistan’s premier beach rescue, water safety and drowning prevention authority.

With a pool of over 1,000 trained lifeguards and deployment of 250 lifeguards at any  given time, PALS has the largest drowning prevention force in Pakistan

PALS is a not-for-profit organization registered under Section 42 of the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan. PALS relies on private & corporate donations,  government grants, corporate sponsorships and adventure tourism services to meet its financial needs. Since 2004, PALS lifeguards have rescued over 6,800+ people and thereby positively impacted as many families.

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Our History

PALS was founded by Reza Samad in 2004. An avid beach goer, Reza used to often hear from the coastal village folks, that people drowned almost every weekend. It became a standard expectation that on Independence Day of 14th August (a public holiday), at least 14 people would drown.

This had to be stopped… somehow!  

While trying to figure out how a single person with a determination to stop the unnecessary drowning's was playing on his mind, in 2003 Reza had a near death experience of his own while trying to rescue two of his friends from extremely rough seas in Karachi. Luckily for all involved, that rescue effort was a success and it took almost 2 hours of efforts to save his friends and himself. That was the final push needed to actively pursue setting up a lifesaving establishment in Karachi.

Our Mission

The mission at PALS is to save lives around aquatic environments across Pakistan, as a free public service.
Providing a free rescue & safety service to the public visiting aquatic environments across Pakistan is at the core of PALS. In addition, PALS helps alleviate poverty by training and employing people from the poor and impoverished coastal communities across the country. This gives the local community employment opportunities and a skill set qualification that they can use to get employment as lifeguards locally in clubs and hotels and internationally.

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We are here to safeguard and protect every Pakistani. Race, sect, ethnicity, religion, gender, age and social background is immaterial to us. We are here to protect and safeguard anyone and everyone that visits the beaches
and aquatic environments that we patrol.

Patrol Areas

PALS patrols most of the public beaches of Karachi.


The duty hours of lifeguards are as follows:

Beach Name Length Hours
Sea View 3 Km 10 am – Dusk
Clifton 3 Km 10 am – Dusk
Sandspit (Himalaya) 7 km 10 am – Dusk
Sandspit (Turtle Beach) 6 km 10 am – Dusk
Hawks Bay 9 km 10 am – Dusk
French Beach 2.5 km 10 am – Dusk
Soneri Beach 3 km 10 am – Dusk
Mubarak Village 2.5 km 10 am – Dusk